Colour is the best way to enhance your look as it can create 3 dimensional depth and movement. Be it a full head of colour, highlights, panel colour or the elegantly beautiful grey coverage. We offer it all!

CREATIVE COLOUR / FLASHES (Creative colour – not full head) 60 Mins Onwards
3D COLOUR SERVICE/SHINE LINES (Blended colours (2 or 3 shades)) 120 Mins Onwards
3D colour/Shine lines service uses multiple, complementary shedes to give your hair a naturally multi – dimensional look. As you turn your head, the light catches your hair and reveals subtle hints of nuanced colour. Beautifully sophisticated.
Highlights can range from the subtly sophisticated to the bolder looks. Contrasting streaks of one shade of colour against the base colour of your hair makes a fashion statement and adds another dimension to your look.
GLOBAL COLOUR 90 Mins Onwards
ROOT TOUCH UP 60 Mins Onwards
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