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Beauty Parlour in Kottayam

Explore an array of beauty services, encompassing everything from hair styling to makeup, ensuring you discover the ideal look for every occasion. Femin Space Beauty still the best Beauty salon in Kottayam because of quality of service

beauty parlour in kottayam
beauty parlour in kottayam
beauty parlour in kottayam
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Feminspace Beauty Kottayam is the perfect place to get pampered and look your best. Our diverse range of beauty services, spanning hair styling to makeup, guarantees you’ll discover the perfect look for any occasion.

Beauty Parlour Kottayam


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Beauty Parlours in Kottayam

Bridal & Groom Makeup

Bride Groom Service

Elevate your special day with our exquisite Bridal & Groom Makeup services, meticulously crafted to enhance your natural beauty and create a timeless, radiant look that reflects the essence of your love story .
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Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

Explore a spectrum of tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs, ensuring a luscious, healthy mane.
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Skin Care

Skin Care

personalized journey to radiant skin, offering expertly crafted treatments that cater to your unique skincare needs. Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience as our skilled professionals from the best beauty parlour in kottayam curate a regimen tailored to enhance your skin's natural beauty and vitality.
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Feminspace Beauty beauty takes pride in being recognized as the premier beauty parlour service in Kottayam, offering unparalleled expertise and a luxurious experience that sets the standard for beauty and wellness in the region


Each possessing over 10 years of expertise in the beauty industry

Certified Therapist

Our team comprises certified professionals from diverse beauty industries


we take pride in being recognized as the most trusted in Kottayam


Femin space beauty is just a call away +91-481-2304963 WhatsApp: +91 9495523438

Beauty Parlour in Kottayam
beauty parlour in kottayam


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Excited to extend an exclusive discount to our first-time customers, embracing you with special savings as a token of our appreciation for choosing Femin Space.

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Femin Space Beauty where elegance meets expertise; make an appointment today and indulge in personalized treatments that enhance your natural radiance

Empowerment, and self-expression as we redefine standards and celebrate diversity through our transformative beauty services.

Feminspace Beauty parlour in Kottayam stands out as The premier beauty salon in Kottayam, distinguished by numerous exceptional qualities. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in:

  1. Professional Expertise: Our skilled and certified professionals bring years of experience in the beauty industry, ensuring top-notch services.
  2. Personalized Approach: We understand that every individual is unique. Our personalized approach ensures that each client receives tailored beauty treatments that cater to their specific needs and preferences.
  3. Exceptional Service Hours: With operating hours from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, we provide flexibility to accommodate diverse schedules, making beauty services accessible at your convenience.
  4. Trusted Reputation: We have earned the trust of our clients, establishing Feminspace Beauty as the go-to destination for those seeking quality beauty services in Kottayam.
  5. Exclusive Discounts: Our commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated through exclusive discounts, especially for first-time customers, making your initial experience with us even more delightful.
  6. Warm and Welcoming Environment: Feminspace Beauty provides a welcoming ambiance where clients can relax and enjoy a rejuvenating beauty experience.

In summary, Feminspace Beauty's combination of professional expertise, personalized service, convenient operating hours, trusted reputation, exclusive discounts, and inviting ambiance collectively contribute contributing to our distinction as the foremost beauty parlor in Kottayam.


On the most important day of their lives, the wedding day holds immense significance for both men and women. Every bride and groom aspire to radiate a celebrity-like aura, seeking a makeup scheme that transforms their everyday appearance while accentuating their inherent beauty. Despite the desire for a distinct appearance, the fear of going awry and appearing overly done often plagues many. As the top choice for brides and grooms, we truly understand these concerns.



Your hair is a crucial part of expressing your personality. Our stylists help you analyze your hair to recommend options that can underline your individuality in ways that range from the subtle to the wild, while maintaining its health and vitality. Trying out a new hairstyle or hair color can completely redefine your look. Flaunt your hair with a hair cut, hair styling, hair coloring, or even a relaxing hair spa treatment from Feminspace. Your search for the best hair spa in kottayam ends here! 

Our expert hairstylists are here to bring the best out of your hair by making use of high-quality products to treat your hair and give you the look that you’ve always desired. Ranked as the top hair salon in Kottayam for ladies, Feminspace offers a tranquil and soothing atmosphere where you can indulge in exclusive hair treatments and services, all at affordable prices.

Change the texture of your hair from straight to curly, curly to straight and frizzy to straight and sleek. Add loads of bounce, volume and oomph with the latest perming and rebonding techniques we have on offer. Come to the best ladies hair salon in kottayam with your requirement and see how well we give you a completely new look. 



Has your skin turned dull as a result of stress and pollution? Is it on your wish list to have healthy, glowing skin? Give yourself a skin-relaxing pampering session. Feminspace highly qualified and experienced professionals treat your skin with high-quality products, transforming dull, lifeless skin into radiant glowing skin. 

At Feminspace, our experts recommend a facial service that suits your skin type and prepares your skin to receive the cleansing and detoxification that it deserves. Discover the leading HydraFacial salon in Kottayam, renowned for enhancing skin texture, tone, and appearance. Visit our premier ladies' salon in Kottayam and experience a transformative new look tailored just for you. 

Personal grooming is no longer indulgence of the elite. Rather, it has become a basic criteria for social acceptance. With your needs in mind, we've introduced personal grooming as a distinct service line, transforming traditional salon offerings into specialized treatments. At Feminspace, our experts are dedicated to providing rejuvenating pampering sessions that keep your hands and feet looking youthful and well-groomed. Visit Kottayam's finest ladies' beauty parlour to discover how we can create a fresh new look just for you. Feel free to reach out to the top beauty salon in Kottayam for more information.